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Friday, March 20, 2009

I started to write my book, “Pins and Needles, Hugs and Kisses” on Feb 27, 2005. But then something happened that year that put every creative outlet on hold.

It seems like I’ve always known that I will be a mother – not just one but four crumbcatchers! I remember my final retreat in College (25 years ago); We meditated for hours and then we were asked what we envisioned ourselves to be. My professor probably thought I was making it up when I said, “I'm at home taking care of my children. It seems like I would be a stay at home mom!” Oh I would love to go back to my alma matter and asked her how she made me imagine my future!

You see, I was ready to conquer the world. I was the top of my class – I was destined to be this successful career woman in Psychology. So saying that I will be a stay-at-home mom seems odd then!

So fast forward 25 years, here I am a stay-at-home mom, mother of four kids age 19, 17, 13 and 8! For about fifteen years, I was a working mom at one point – managing a group of computer programmers and systems analyst in New York city.

Last year when my youngest was entering first grade, I thought I would have a ton of free time. I signed-up to be a substitute teacher in my town’s public school system. During the orientation, I realized that all I am is a very PROUD mother of 4 children! All of us applicants were asked to introduce ourselves. I introduced myself as a mother of my children and then proudly told the group about my children and their lives. I didn’t think I missed anything until I heard other applicants tell the group of their college degrees and career.

When I headed back home, I immediately called my husband and told him that “Oh my, I am a mother – through and through! I totally forgot I used to have a different career!”

As I was going over my files, I encountered the following – an outline of the few pages of my book I started writing in 2005.

Working outside of your home? Do you ever stop thinking about your children? Your family? You may be listening to a customer or entering data into the computer system or participating in a conference. But your mind is inundated with your child’s activities..
(Computer key strokes, guitar strumming, sons playing video game …)

A stay-at-home mom?
Daily schedule :
Get the kids ready for school: Make breakfast; pack lunch and sign any last mibnute notes from school that I missed the night before;
Drive – early morning activities; Kids are now in school!

Finally remember to drink that tea that’s been brewing since 6:30 am.

Clean-up breakfast mess
Empty out dishwasher; put stuff in the dishwasher
Make the beds, empty out trash, straighten-out bathrooms. Gather laundry;
Tidy-up the house?? For what? So some time today I’ll be able to sit down
and enjoy a quiet and tidy house before running around again!
(But that does not really happen.)
Figure out dinner, Do I have enough food ?

If not, rush to the grocery store on the way to the bank;
Pick up the toddler from pre-school - unload kid and groceries;
Get toddler to go to the bathroom and wash hands.
Whew! It’s 1pm! Maybe I can work-out or load a laundry;

While there’s extra 30 minutes maybe I can squeeze in my Power 90 workout.

“MOMMMM.. May I have food please ?”
Put Power 90 on pause, Attend to the little toddler.
Go over bills or mail;
Put away clean clothes or wait…I have to take a shower!

Makes phone calls…
Ready to pick-up the kids from grammar and high school.;
Unload kids…
Drive to piano, or maybe guitar.. or play rehearsals or TaeKwonDo….
Check the mailbox…throw away junk mail, open bills,

toss away envelopes sort those that need to be shredded
and put bills in the BILLS-to-be-PAID folder ;

In-between make dinner, pause to drive to 6pm kids’ activities;

Set-up the table and finally rally everyone when Daddy gets home;
Say grace and finally sitting down with the family having dinner -
Casual or deep conversation at the dinner table;
Thanks and kisses after dinner… clean-up time..!!
Oh maybe we can squeeze O’Reilly into the night;

Oh boy! It’s 9pm.. got to get the toddler bathed…set him up so he can read some books or watch some sort of movie …hopefully he’ll fall asleep but that does not really happen..

Have some quality time with my husband.. If it’s Tuesday.. watch 24!!! Go Jack Bauer and save the hour!.. And if its Wednesday.. maybe Alias’ Sydney will make Wednesday an exciting night wishing I have her body type and can kick the bad guys’ butt!!

WAIT…. It’s hot tub time…
That was four years ago. Not much has changed except that my toddler is now an eight-year-old boy; In the fall, I'll have 2 kids in college; and 1 in High School. Husband and I do a lot of walking around the neighborghood; 24 is on Monday nights; Tuesdays is set for American Idol (while folding laundry); and Alias is no longer on TV; O’Reilly’s watched in-between Kudlow and Company and "Fast Money"; the occasional visit to the Emergency Room; Breakfast with mothers; and reading glasses a must-wear; and this year, there's Facebook, GottaLovemom blogs and theMotherhood!

I still wouldn't trade being a SAHM for anything!

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