not enough time in a day

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Have you noticed that when your creative mind is in full blast, there seems to be not enough time in a day?
It’s almost noon and there are still plenty of things to get done.

I just finished the morning “after-rush-hour” clean-up of the house and I probably spent two hours going through some emails and articles.
I have to be ready by 2:30 to get the Crumbcatchers from school and yet when I look over my left, I notice a pile of paperwork that I still have to go through.

Do I think I just wasted half my day doing what I just did? Of course not! I was able to tidy-up the house and get my opinions heard. But I still have a lot of writing and reconciling to do.

I would have loved to squeeze in an hour of exercise before noon, to write a page for my book, organize the kids’ closets and go out for a nice walk - but I may have to do those some other time.

Nurse called, got to get my son home;
Son called, he forgot his homework;
Pick-up the kids from school;
Organize a playdate;
Do laundry in-between;
Zenwalk with my honey;
Drive my son to TaeKwon-do;
Pick-up dinner (since I had no time to cook!);
Do more laundry;
Check son's homework;
Paint with my little guy;
Listen to my sons' guitar and piano playing;
Respond to emails;
Go over school notes and notices;
Small chats with my daughter;
Do more laundry;
Get ready for bed!

Whew! The day's over and I have not even started yet!

It just seems like there’s not enough time in a day for all the wonderful things I have to accomplish!

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