The CHILD syndrome

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My over-achiever 13-year old , J2, this morning complained, “Mom, why are you picking on me?”
I so authoritatively replied, “What do you mean? I just want you to brush your hair.”
My 17-year old questioning my authority remarked, “But mom, we’ll just be in a car for seven hours!”
( I’m glad that the brothers are sticking up for each other and
I can see J2 nodding his head approving with
what his older brother said)

I then gave them both a stern look and said, “I want him to brush his hair. Period!”

J2 then brushed his hair and asked me, “Why aren’t you asking him or J3?”

Well, you see I already brushed J3 ‘s hair, my 8-year old. And my 17-year old wears a hat and his hair didn’t look like it needed to be brushed.
(When we stopped at Burger King to get a bite to eat, J2 smiled and asked me if his hair looks fine – I just smiled at him.)
To back-track, we were all getting ready for our seven-hour drive. He just woke up and has a very “bad” hair day

On another incident, J3 wanted to play some computer games but I said “no” and yet said “yes” to J2 who was home sick that day.

So my confused 8 year old complained, “That's not fair. What kind of deal is that?”
My 13-year old replied,
“It’s what I call the pity factor advantage!”

Josh then shook his head and commented,
“Man, old people have so many tricks. I’m just getting a hang of the reverse psychology that mom pulls. Now I have to learn how to take advantage of the pity factor!”

Walking to his room pouting as he made the face that can be in a “Feed the Children” commercial.)

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  1. This is a wonderful story and another great JOSHIZIM!!


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