A positive ending to a dreadful day

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yesterday afternoon was a difficult day for my family, but it ended in a positive way.
It was doubly difficult because we were hundreds of miles away. Not being there physically was nerve-racking. Luckily, we have the means of communication that made it easier.

As we heard the positive news, we couldn’t help but be thankful.

We had a choice on wallowing over how heart breaking having someone you love go through a heart attack or focus on the positive things that we were lucky to have; But don’t repress your emotions either. Cry if you need to. Go for a walk, have a drink, even yell if it helps you. But once there’s a sign of good news, then start walking towards the positive!

It’s easier to feel bad and down about the situation than thinking of,
Wow, it’s great that Dad got to the hospital on time,
had a great medical team and is on his way to recovery”.But we have to train our minds and hearts to think the positive.
For some of us, its easy to move forward; For others it takes time.

Everything in our day-to-day life begins with a thought and the way we think about life shapes how our life will be like. So why is it so easy to feel bad and negative? Why is it so easy to just think of the “what-ifs” than look at the bright side of the situation? Why is it easy to feel sorry for ourselves?

Why isn’t it easier to move towards a positive “second chance”? We should think of the “process of thinking” like eating a box of chocolate or drinking a bottle of wine. If you tasted something awful, you wouldn’t want to taste it again, right? But if it tastes like something you love, then you would want to keep on eating or drinking that particular chocolate or wine. So why would you think of thoughts that just makes you miserable?

It is an effort to be positive but once you have a clear mind and understanding, pushing all the negativity in life is more rewarding than complaining about the not-so-good things in one’s lives.

Through this whole thing, Dad retains his great sense of humor which made it easier for all of us!

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  1. Very well said, honey. Sometimes our emotions overtake our senses and it takes time to sort things out. We are absolutely the luckiest family. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE - words on a plaque - They certainly have a lot more meaning today! Love you, Mom


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