A Father - by Jonathon

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Dad is more than someone I love.
My Dad is a part of my life and spirit.
He means the most to me.
I even got my nick-name “Little Craig” from him.
He was the architect of my body and my mom was the builder.
I love my Dad from the bottom of my heart.
My Dad is the dad of all dads.
He’s the coolest dad.
He does and goes through the trouble of construction for me.
He’s my life giver.
He knows everything about love.
I would say he’s a love-caster.
My Dad is everything to me.
I love my Dad.
This is his well-earned special day.

Written by Jonathon when he was 7 , Father’s Day

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  1. My "Pookie" and our "Little Craig" is such an amazing, special soul. Sometimes there are just no words, this is one of those times :).


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