Surprise Birthday Parties

Friday, March 13, 2009

Saturday , Feb 28, 2009 - was the surprise birthday party.

With aching back, neck and shoulders – with the help of everyone,
we gave my youngest the “best birthday ever!”
I wasn’t planning on having a birthday party for my little one because of a lot of reasons.
But seeing how he looked and felt when he opened the door and heard his 12 friends screamed “Surprise, Happy Birthday, Joshua!”
I now understand why birthdays with his friends are precious memories.

Birthdays to a child is the most important party one can ever put together!
It’s not where the party’s going to be;It’s not what presents friends will bring;
It’s not the pizza or nuggets or cake –Although the best cake baked by the best sister is a must!It’s the thrill and excitement of being with friends.
It’s the high-pitched loud “rambunctious” noises that they make.
It’s the silliness in dancing, games and high energy.
And most of all, it’s those sparkly eyes and smiling faces that fill a room

Achy back, crackling neck or stressed-shoulders;
With the help of Ate, Kuya and Daddy,
Nothing stopped me from giving twelve 8-year oldsAs they put it ,
“ A totally cool and fun party!”

As one of his buddies was leaving he told Joshua, “Thanks for having me,”
Joshua in his normal silly way replied,
“I didn’t do it…I didn’t even know about it! Thank you for coming!”

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