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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The mind is as essential as our body. You see a lot of people rushing to go to the gym. However, one has to realize that a peaceful mind produces happier memories. When you go to the gym, do you feel great or do you feel you did not push yourself harder?

Have you noticed how young children do not worry about anything serious?
Have you heard them laugh out loud just the sight and sound of something comedic?
Have you seen them jump up in the air so carefree and alive?
Have you listened to their conversations about simple things but with deeper meaning and emotion?

As I look at my children, I see that their main mission in their cute little lives is to be happy, enjoy the moment, play and have fun. However, as we get older and obtain more responsibilities our minds seem to be clouded with priorities that only make us miserable and stressed-out. Sometimes our bad memories linger so long in our hearts that it is weighing our entire being down.

Are you the kind of person that appreciate a neighbor’s new project and the progress he’s making? Or are you the kind of person who knit-picks on some “invisible flaw” in someone’s accomplishments because subconsciously you’re envious that they have something that you don’t materially have?

Are you the kind of person that smiles at the sight of two beautiful couple holding hands or are you the kind of person that’s cynical that their relationship will not last long?

Most little kids don’t judge another kid.
Children love to share;
Children don’t mind teaching their friends new tricks to solve a puzzle or a video game;
They are happy when their friends are happy;
They are sad their friends are sad;
They even try to make their sad friends happy so that they can both be happy together!

It takes effort to forget the worries and competition of our adult responsibility-filled life.
As mothers, we tend to worry about every thing. Since we feel like we are the “glue” that puts our family together, our minds are working non-stop processing way too much information all at one time.
Sometimes you say to yourself,
“I wish I can be a kid again so that I don’t live life worrying. “
People spent most of their days inside – be it at work or at home. With the modern technology and internet access, our world got smaller, too. We don’t have to leave our desk. We spent more time staring at our laptop screens than admiring the beauty of the outside world – be it the busy streets of an urban setting or the trees that branch out to touch another tree, or the sun’s brightness that radiates in a suburban-country setting. Our day is focused in the LCD-mode (liquid crystal displays). Maybe that’s why they called these gadgets’ screens LCD – it’s similar to the hallucinogenic effects of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide), Ha!

Take a few minutes each day, (sometimes shorter than it takes to reboot your PC/laptop) and do the zen-walk:
- Listen to the chirping of the birds, or the busy sound of traffic or the kids’ laughter;
- Admire how the branches of the trees extend to another tree;
- Appreciate the reflection in the river;
- Dance to the music that resonates in your every step;

But most of all, take a few minutes each day to take a break, refresh, reboot, recharge – and be inspired and feel like a child again!
To a very loving and thoughtful group of mothers at theMotherhood.com , thank you!
Photos by Jen2 taken today during my zen-walk

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