I actually love to ski - why would a Filipino commit to skiing?

Friday, March 06, 2009

“Yesterday is but today's memory, tomorrow is today's dream”Kahlil Gibran
Every year, before I hit the slopes, I anticipate the fall and the pains that come with skiing. And every year in mid-week, I forget the anxiety and am actually amazed that I totally enjoy skiing.

I feel my heart pounding as soon as I get my ski rentals,
Vision of the ski lift raises my perspiration level.
Inserting my feet into the six-pound ski boots
Is like one of Power 90’s muscle confusion routine.

My boys ask ,
“Why put on make-up?
You’re only skiing,
You’re all covered with face mask, goggles and helmet. "
You can tell they’re still boys!

My husband comments as he assists me, snaps-on the buckles of the boots.

“ Skiing with Mommy – is like skiing for the first time!”
As I struggle to put on the boots,
Snap on the buckles, Put on the hand liners
Connect my boots to the skis,
Ten minutes had passed and my boys already had one quick run!

I practice walking up and down the mountain,
Making sure I don’t slide down!
I’m amazed on how my body remembers the
Turns and maneuvers I previously learned.

As I go on the lift the first time,
My brain remembers the pain of falling.
But as I successfully go on and off the lift,
My heart remembers the joys of skiing with the family.

Unlike little kids, who learn quickly and absorb everything,
Unlike little kids, who fear nothing and aims to be daring –
I will always be a beginner skier – even after 12 years!

I went down the garden path – all green trails,
I ventured the more difficult blue trail – more challenging and fulfilling!
But luckily before I venture into any new trails,
My husband surveys and does a quick run beforehand.

As I remember to get off the lift
Holding the poles with one hand and
Pushing the seat away as I ski off the lift,
I ski down to the landing and prepare to head down.

I remember
To look where I want to turn,
To point my skis uphill to slow down my turn,
To bend my knees and press my shins into the front of my boots.
To keep hands in front of me
When I’m halfway thru my turn ,
I remember to lift my uphill ski,
turn it so that it is parallel to my downhill ski
and place it back to the ground resulting in a parallel ski position.

All these I have to remember while I quietly pray that –
I don’t panic,
I don’t get cold,
I don’t ski off the edge of the mountain and
I don’t run over any little kids skiing on my path!

This year I rode the ski lift on my own!
This year I skied and did not fall.
For me to remember that all these positive, fun things actually occurred
Writing about it I immediately did.

Sore legs, calves, hips and feet
A little reminder that squats and lunges I have to do!
Up and down the mountain
Fast, cautious and slow
A warm drink down the village – a reward totally deserved!

Hopefully next year, fear won’t be there
But knowing how I am, I’ll probably be feeling like it was 1997 once again!

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