But I am just a child!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

“But I am just a child!”, my eight-year old exclaimed.

I know it sucks at times, as you get older, the more you have to be responsible – mainly for yourself but then as you get more involved with more people, your responsibilities extend to your so-called extended family and community!

But like a seed planted on a ground, one day that seed will sprout and become a tall tree;

A seed that’s been blessed with rich soil, sunlight and water;

A tree that extends its branches out as far as it can go.

Wow, that’s a big undertaking. What if I can’t even be responsible for myself?

You shouldn’t think of responsibilities as life’s hassles.

Responsibility should empower you.

You can still have fun, laugh and enjoy life and be responsible at the same time.
Life is more fulfilling when you try to make a difference.
Life is more colorful that way!

Just look around…
Look into your child’s eyes – there’s so much enthusiasm, hope and love!
Capture that child in you and dream big!

Today is that day – the beginning of the days that lead you into accomplishing something enormous!

As my eight-year old says, “Mom, today is a lovely day!”

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