The after hours of Earth Hour

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In a big family with diverse ideologies and convictions, last night’s Earth Hour started a few debates in my household which lasted for few hours!

What’s the motivation behind Earth Hour?

Who’s behind this organization?

What good does turning off your light for one hour do?

Why is the term “global warming” sparks so much controversy on both sides?

Why do other people think that inaction is acceptable?

Why dismiss what scientists are talking about?

I tend to believe that my family and I are living in a way that’s earth-friendly.

But wait, what does “earth friendly” really mean?

I say, “earth-friendly” means keeping earth clean and beautiful.
Sounds like a simple answer but if you dissect the words – it can be loaded with meaning depending on who you’re talking to.

Being earth friendly – does it mean you have to let mankind suffer?

Do you choose the Earth before mankind?

But do we just not do anything at all?

Can we develop projects that won’t bankrupt mankind and at the same time start developing alternative sources of energy?

Do we have to totally pull the plug on all the automobiles that we currently use?

Do we continue to promote cars that are not energy efficient?

How does this affect families who are economically-challenged - in other words “poor”?

Can the federal government make a difference right this moment by changing all the federal fleet to run on natural gas? Doesn’t that decrease 50 percent of carbon emission?

How do we help the poor nations solve the problem of air pollution?

Why can't institutions and government discuss and come-up with a doable solution?

There are fanatics and skeptics.
There are different views.
Is there a middle ground?

One thing is sure – the Earth Hour burnt a ton of candles!
It openned up a lot of discussions among all generations.

We celebrate Earth Day on April 22.
TV Turn-off week is the week of April 20 – April 26.
Participate in the Adopt a Water Project and Clean-Air and Ginger tea projects by Filipino citizens.

Let’s start the conversation. Let’s not wait for Earth Hour or Earth Day.
We can do little projects – river clean-up, promoting the importance of education, getting involved, recycle , choose reusable, conservation, etc.
Let’s start educating ourselves and our children without alienating opposing groups.

Every big accomplishment starts with a small step.

( Here’s a toast to more discussions on how we can all unite to keep our earth – a clean and beautiful place. )

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  1. It's sooo hot here in the Philippines. I think the hole in the ozone are more focus here and the global warming is more intense here.
    We turned off our lights here for an hour or more. I heard Philippines had the most community participation. Maybe cuz most of the people here didn't have electricity. But it was a big deal here. They even had concerts and parties.

    - Pinoy


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