Remembering Trixie - a special angel on her 18th!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The happiness and joy that are reflected in your smile will always be imprinted in our minds.

Your laughter,
Your love,
Your joy
Your enthusiasm - these are just a few that we remember you by;

Your smile,
Your happiness,
Your music,
Your sweetness – there are just a few that we remember you by;

When you said “so-long”
We were left with a big hole.
When you said “good-bye”
We were waiting for the sun to come by.

One day we will meet again,
Your smile will be there greet us.
So many faces, so many memories,
Forever we will remember together.

Your life was full of beauty;
You were surrounded with families and friends;
You smelled the rain,
You felt the wind,
You fought for your dreams.

Saying “good-bye”” doesn’t mean a thing,
It’s the memories - time we all spent together,
Laughter and tears that we shared ,
That’s all that matters.

Today is your special 18th!
With your smile – Trixie, you will always be in our hearts and minds ( Click to view the slideshow)
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Today, I spent the whole day just browsing through old photographs...
I can still remember our last summer together (summer 2006) ....
I can still remember the last few words you told me when we hugged "good-bye" ...
" Tita Jen, I am your favorite, right? " .....

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  1. Auntie Melayne wrote at 2:33pm
    Remembering Trixie is so wonderful. What a beautiful girl with such a beautiful, loving family around her. All the love that surrounded her on this earth followed her into heaven.

  2. Trixie - all your family and friends are wishing you a special 18th today!

  3. i miss my one and only baby!!!!

  4. Dear Trixie,
    I know you are in heaven watching over all of your loving family, and extended family.
    We will always miss you. You are our "special angel". Although we wanted more time with you on earth, we are thankful for the gift of "YOU", DEAR TRIXIE. Your wisdom and kindness, your smile and zest for life has touched our hearts.

    Your cousins will always love you. They will remember the fun times and laugh, they will remember the day you left them and cry, but they will always be grateful for the time they had with you.

    With love and tears,
    Grandma Roz


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