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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Morning, a promise of a new beginning
So hit the pause button and snap-out of any sad thoughts.

Look around,
Admire the beauty

Yes, there is sadness,
Yes, there is uncertainty,
Yes, there is fear,
Yes, there is YOU!

We are blessed for this moment,
Capture the positive,
Flourish in the simplicity,
Experience the greatness.

Life is the greatest gift you have.

Love is abundant in everyone
- a ton for you to share!

Inspiration is waiting for you to unlock
for yourself and for others!

So follow your heart and
follow your dreams.

At this very moment.

Photographs taken today with my Canon elph during my zenwalk by Mohawk Park - just around the corner!
( Zenwalk - walk outside and enjoy the moment without thinking about anything; no worries at all!)

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  1. Honey,
    The words and pictures are beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Love, Mom


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