A daughter's love.... a mother's affection

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Mommy,I love your hugs,
I love your kisses,
I love your lullabies,
I love your sweet good-nights.

My dear princess,I love you for your smile;
I love your sweet voice;
I love when you look into my eyes;
I love your curious mind.

My heart beats for your laughter,
My mind thinks for your understanding,
My soul protects your existence,
My love for you extends far beyond my own.

As we both get older:We’ll look back and remember
The silly games we played,
The 100th day projects we put together.
The movies that made us laugh and cry
The shopping trips that broke the bank!

As we both get older:We’ll look back and remember
The American Idol we voted for,
The “girl-talk” we shared together,
The prom dresses you tried on,
The college applications we stayed all-night for.

But for now, I’ll treasure
The sweet nothings we share;
The tight hugs and soft kisses;
The day-to-day exchanges -
“ I love you forever and ever”

Thanks Kathy and Nicole for the inspiration .

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  1. I love it Jen Jen! You made me cry, not just for Nicole but for all the stages that I'm going through with all my girls and missing the simple pleasures that we have all shared in the past.


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