Happy Birthday, Mr. Magoo!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Surprise! Surprise!
A mom again at 37.
Mommy outfits and baby onesies
Donated, given-away
A month before you came along;

Excited, baffled
Happy and unsure:
Siblings confused
Grandma’s beaming with joy.

Bed-ridden in 3
Swollen and huge;
Couldn’t walk with no pain
Chocolate couldn’t stand.

Night specials with Dad
Vanilla ice cream and apple pie;
Blue prints for a new addition,
Foundation dug, you came out.

Counting 1, 3, and 5;
Making peach crumb pie.
In and out, breathing loud
Time to go, you’re coming out.

April, the doctor thought;
February you were out.
Pressure was way down
Scared…everyone’s fingers crossed.

You cried, you smiled
To the bubble you went.
I missed you for 3 days;
Finally home sweet home

Arts and crafts and painting.
Cooking, frogs and field trips.
Auditions, allergies and soccer games
Gymnastics, Wii Fit and itunes.

Today’s your birthday, my dear;
You brought joy, laughters and happy tears;
Running to and from school;
I’ll always cherish because you’re cool!

Happy birthday my dear child.
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  1. that was a good story.-josh

  2. My dear Josh,
    When the nurse asked mom if I could stay in the birthing room when you were born, mom said "yes". How lucky I was to be there to witness the miracle of your birth. You are a very special child - smart, funny, kind and caring -Grandpa and I love you dearly, you always make us laugh - We can't wait for summer so that we can spend our special time with you at "Camp Renaissance" - The frogs are waiting to be caught by the master frog catcher, and we have cookies to bake and decorate.

  3. Joshee - you got more birthday wishes in my FB page. Hope you had a great day!

  4. Josh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. When we say we wish you "Happy", we mean, from the bottom of our heart. You were born one time . But like the child Jesus, although, Jesus was born thousands of years ago, we celebrate Jesus's birthday in every Christmas, Why? we celebrate because God lowered Himself to a form of a human being, to fulfill the wishes of God, that he has to feel the pain of a human being of being tortured, insulted, stoned, etc. to fullfill as God has predicted that the Son of God will come down to earth to redeem Men for the sins men has committed against His creator. So also you Josh, you were born for a purpose; to always adore your God, your Creator, and for the forgiveness of your sin, because we do not celebrate that is not lasting, we celebrate that will never die, that is life in the everlasting happiness in Heaven. Again Joshua, from the bottom of our hearts, your Papa and Mommy do love you and pray that you will be succssful in your undertakings with the guidance of the God.
    God Bless, Mama Carman and Papa Jun.

  5. Hug and kiss Josh for me for his birthday and relay my warmest greeting. Tell Josh I miss him so much and love him.
    love and prayers


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