The Tree

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Tree by Jonathon (age 11, 2007)
The tree was the greatest tree. During
its life it
was loved.
However, fell and died one day. No
one could ever forget about that tree.
I never will. I will never forget about
that tree that
was loved.
Nevertheless, fell and died one day. I
will never forget...ever.
The poem is dedicated entirely to my cousin, Trixie, the tree, who on December 10, 2006 passed away. Trixie, if there is a heaven...I am sure you have found your way.
Artwork by Mikey age 7, 1998

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  1. My Dear Jonathon,
    You have so much heart, and so much to share.
    Please don't stop writing - and perhaps one day, you will finish "the story".
    I keep your "How To Make A Grandma" letter on my coffee table in Florida and it will come back home to New Jersey with me. I read it every day, and show it to everyone that comes to my house.
    I am always proud of you. You never cease to amaze me.
    I love you. Grandma


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